Personalized Legal Strategies With Your Unique Needs In Mind

We understand how important your investment in a lawyer is. That’s why we make sure you get the quality experience you deserve in return.

Serving the needs of individuals and businesses in Montana, California and North Dakota for more than 40 years.

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Decades Of Experience Across A Range Of Practice Areas

At our law firm, Gregory Paul Johnson, P.C., our most important job is to give our clients a fair shot in the legal system. With more than 40 years in legal practice, we have represented many clients in the areas of criminal defense; oil, gas and mineral law; and estate planning.

The Value We Give Our Clients

Our criminal defense clients need smart, strategic counsel by their side when they’ve been arrested for a crime and the prosecution is going for a conviction.

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Our business clients in the oil, gas and mineral industries need experienced, results-oriented attorneys to help protect their most vital business interests.

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Our estate planning clients need to know that they have a compassionate, forward-thinking team in their corner looking out for their best interests and helping them plan for the future.

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Because we have extensive experience in all these areas, we have the flexibility to give our clients the representation they deserve, no matter what their needs are. We use our legal knowledge and real-world problem-solving skills to help our clients every day.

There For Our Clients Whenever And Wherever They Need Us

We believe in being there for our clients whenever and wherever they need us, which is why we serve clients throughout Montana, California and North Dakota. Everyone deserves access to experienced, quality legal services with a personal touch, and we deliver that every time.

With Our Team, You’ll Never Settle For Anything Less Than High-Quality Counsel

We have been practicing for more than 40 years, and during that time, we have learned that personalized service is just as valuable as legal knowledge and an assertive strategy in court or at the bargaining table. We believe our clients deserve both.

We use our experience and dedication every day to resolve whatever legal issues our clients face. We are the zealous advocates our clients need to fight to protect their interests while also helping them navigate through the legal system as smoothly as possible.

Let us look at the big picture, anticipate problems and help prevent issues down the road on your behalf.